A mobile home should last many years. Before you choose a particular product, you need to make sure that it is the best investment. What should you look for in the first place? We hope that by answering this question, we will help you buy the perfect product.

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Technology and workmanship

You can intuitively feel that the workmanship of a mobile home is one of the most important things you should check before you buy it. But what does it mean? Our experience shows that the key matters are structure and thermal insulation. Regardless of whether you are going to live in your mobile home only in summer or throughout the year, it needs to be resistant to snow loads and the insulation material needs to prevent heat loss. To make sure that your home is durable, check whether it comes with steel reinforcement, not only in the chassis, but also in the floor, walls and roof. You should also check how thick the insulation layer is and whether it is flexible enough. In our opinion, the best solution in mobile homes is mineral wool, because it eliminates the risk of thermal bridges, which distinguishes it from other less flexible materials that may crack during loading, transport, unloading or putting the home on land.


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Do certificates matter?

When a manufacturer is certified by an independent supervisory authority, it confirms that its homes were made in conformity with the highest standards. One of such certificates is awarded by TUV Rheinland. It confirms that mobile homes conform with European standards of quality and safety. Thanks to it, you do not need to worry about the durability of the structure, insulation or installations in certified mobile homes. All components of the mobile home are subject to constant monitoring and external audits. Therefore, you can be sure (thanks to the certificate) that the mobile homes we manufacture can be used in temperatures below -15°C (the highest thermal insulation class: 3), whereas the roof load can be up to 10 tonnes.

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Furnishings and fittings

When you buy a mobile home, pay attention to what elements of furnishings and fittings are included in the price. Individual offers may significantly differ in this regard. It is often the case that the elements which one manufacturer considers to be standard are regarded as an additional option by another manufacturer, which means that you need to pay extra. When you add up all these elements, it may turn out that a home which seemed cheaper is in fact more expensive.


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Adjusting the design and fittings to individual needs

If you decide to spend a considerable sum of money, you expect the product to fully meet your expectations. As a customer, you should be able to adjust the design and fittings to your own vision, so ask the manufacturer about it during your first conversation.

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Where are mobile homes built?

Such residential structures are made in factories and once they are assembled, they are transported in one piece to a place indicated by the customer. Thanks to it, customers may avoid construction-related problems, such as dust and dirt which remain on site for a long time.

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Can you live in a mobile home all year round?

On the Polish market and abroad you can find products offered by various manufacturers, who use different production technologies. We offer solely all-year mobile homes. They all have thermal insulation on the roof, walls and floor. It is made of mineral wool. Premium homes also have electric heating (electric oil heaters). We can offer alternative types of heating, such as infrared heating panels, underfloor heating, gas heating and pellet stoves. Thanks to insulation and heating, you can achieve thermal comfort in your home at any time of the year.

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How are mobile homes transported?

Mobile homes do have their own wheels, but they only come in handy during loading, unloading and putting the home on land. Unfortunately, mobile homes cannot be transported on their own wheels due to the lack of required certificates. Because of that, in order to transport mobile homes, we need a vehicle with an appropriate platform to put the home on. You need to remember that its size is significantly larger than standard loads, so it is necessary to obtain a permit and get a pilot car. Moreover, such homes are always transported at night.

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Can mobile homes be transported to any place?

Definitely yes. We can transport them not only to any place in Poland, but also abroad. Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the Czech Republic and Croatia are some of the countries to which we have transported mobile homes multiple times. Therefore, the distance is not an obstacle for us. However, you need to remember that the width of the entrance or gate to your plot has to be adjusted the size of the home you want to buy.

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Putting the home on land using a tractor

There are different ways of bringing a mobile home to the customer’s plot. A tow truck is not always enough to do that. You need to trust the carrier, who will assess whether a given home may be delivered in this way without damage. If it is impossible, the tow truck with the home comes as close to the plot as possible. Then the home is unloaded and ends up in a specific location thanks to a tractor provided by the customer. Our mobile homes have an adjustable shaft. It can be attached to both sides of the home, making it easier to manoeuvre. You need to remember that the entrance gate to the plot needs to be at least one metre wider than the home. Thanks to it, you can minimise the risk of damage.


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Putting the home on land using a crane

Sometimes it is impossible to transport the home to its final location on wheels. It may be the case when the entrance gate or driveway to the plot is too narrow. In this case, the solution is a crane, which may be used to lift the home and then put it on land exactly where it is supposed to stand.


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How long does it take to put a mobile home on land?

There are many factors which have an impact on this matter. Everything depends on the type of entrance (whether the gate is wide enough) and soil (whether it is muddy/wet and compact enough) and whether the ground is level. Nevertheless, you need to remember that the time required to put the house on land should not exceed several hours.

Is it necessary to set up utilities in a mobile home?

The matter of setting up utilities does not differ from traditional buildings, which are fixed to the ground. Our mobile homes have an electrical installation and plumbing installation, whose access points are under the home. The customer should make sure that their plot has the required utility connections. Then, when the home is put on land, you need to connect it to utilities: a distribution board (the house has a three-phase system), the water supply system or a deep water well and the sewage system or a cesspit. At the customer’s request, we can put access points in places indicated by the customer.

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