In our offer you can find mobile homes, modular homes and sanitary modules.

The areas of individual modules can reach up to 56 m².
Customers interested in a larger area will also find something for themselves. We mean mobile modular homes. These are two or three mobile homes joined together to form one building. Thanks to this, we can increase the building area to almost 170 m².

Mobil homes DMK


Mobile homes produced by DMK Budownictwo are an excellent alternative to traditional buildings.
The main advantages of this type of products include both the possibility of changing the location of the house and short waiting period. The house arrives to the customer in its entirety and after a few hours you can start using it.


DMK Budownictwo - Mobile homes manufacturer


Modular mobile homes are not only a great place to relax. It is also an alternative to apartments or small houses. The project is fully tailored to the needs of the new owner, the ability to choose the type and color of finishing materials or equipment elements. All this means that we can create a place that meets our expectations. A place where we will live permanently.


DMK Budownictwo - Mobile homes


It is a product designed mainly for tourist centers and campsites. A private bathroom is an added value for motorhome or caravan users. In one module, we can place two or four separate toilets, ensuring privacy for their users.