Mobile Homes

Our company offers mobile homes in different sizes ranging from 35 to 56 m².

Each home is built on a metal and wood framework ensuring high durability of the building. Standard home sizes include:

• 10 x 3,5 m        • 12 x 3,5 m        • 12 x 4 m        • 14 x 4 m

One of the great advantages of a mobile home is the possibility of moving it around the plot, allowing you to precisely place in the ideal spot and relocate if needed. Mobile holiday homes manufactured by DMK Budownictwo have a fully ergonomic layouts providing not only space, but functionality as well. Perfect for everyone seeking convenience and comfort. The house includes: a salon and kitchenette, one, two or three fully furnished bedrooms, and a fully equipped bathroom.

Mobile homes – Equipment versions

When configuring a mobile home, we cannot forget about the equipment. We have two standard versions available which include Economy and Premium.

Economy Standard

Premium Standard

Additional equipment

Polish mobile homes